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synthetic grass solution

Synthetic grass solution.

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fieldturf is more than just a turf company

We are the pioneers of today’s generation of artificial turf  and the innovators for tomorrow’s cutting edge sports surfaces. Our fields have paved the way for little league dreamers, local school heroes, college rising stars & professional sports icons. FieldTurf is the most trusted name in artificial turf.

Vertical bold text of various product names offered by FieldTurf Commercial.Vertical bold text of various product names offered by FieldTurf Commercial.

turning dreams into reality

Why fieldturf

Turnkey Solution



Simplified Purchasing

turnkey solution


tenured and trusted

We are committed to first-class customer service with a dedicated local staff that will be on-site whenever needed. By dealing with one company for all your surfacing needs, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to deal with multiple parties for any questions that might arise.

Highest quality ISO-certified manufacturing
Largest volume manufacturer worldwide
Most commercial installations worldwide
#1 Artificial grass company in America
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FieldTurf's Play-Safe System meets various  Critical Fall Height ratings and combines the benefits of artificial grass with the additional safety of a playground shock pad.

IPEMA Certified
Does not harbor staph and MRSA
ADA Compliant



Simplified Purchasing

Icon of a certification paper representing certified safety

FieldTurf Commercial makes the turf purchasing process as easy as possible through our Simplified Purchasing Program.  This program allows customers to purchase turnkey projects through CMAS, GSA, or one of our other cooperative purchasing programs.

Flexible Purchasing Options

With our purchasing program, customers get what they want without going through the expensive and time-consuming bid process.

Experienced Project Managers

Our in-house project managers take responsibility for guiding customers through the construction process and handle all contract paperwork including certified payroll documents, bond requirements, insurance certificates, etc.

Hands On-Site Supervisors

With over 20,000 installations, our our construction teams are used to working with clients to make projects move along smoothly and on schedule.

Exceptional Customer Service

We remain involved in all phases of a project including budgeting, design, scheduling, construction, final contract wrap-up, and after-care service.

what about drainage?

FieldTurf has formulated a proprietary backing called AquaFlow which has unique attributes which makes FieldTurf a leader in artificial turf backing technology.

100% Permeability
300" per hour
Triple layered backing

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Maxxflow drainage synthetic turf flow
Maxxflow drainage synthetic turf flow
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