The proven durability of our turf allows us to proudly confirm that you will obtain the best value from an artificial turf field if you choose FieldTurf.

FieldTurf has installed over 4,000 multiuse fields and playgrounds that have lasted more than eight years. There are many companies in the industry haven’t even reached their 8th year in business.

The quality control process at the facility includes stringent testing of the yarn properties (tensile strength, uniformity, color verification).

FieldTurf has unlocked the secrets of combining the very best in polymer technology with the strongest UV inhibitors and a state-of-the-art extrusion process. After years of innovation, we have developed the most technologically advanced formula. Your choice of fiber will greatly contribute to the durability and play-ability of your surface.

FieldTurf manufactures its fibers through its PPG model:

  • Polymer
  • Process
  • Geometry

Each fiber has a unique polymer formulation which creates a fiber that is more resistant to wear. The process which has an extended “healing” process at the moment of extrusion reduces the degradation of the fiber, and the unique geometry of each of FieldTurf’s fibers were specially designed and tested to outlast all other fibers on the market. That is the ultimate benefit of FieldTurf’s fiber extrusion investment.

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