Simplified Purchasing

School and municipal improvement projects can be a very long and costly process, complicated by many unforeseen delays. Organizations have to go through the hassle of advertising, investigating, obtaining designs, writing specifications, conducting bid meetings and dealing with potentially inexperienced contractors, all while managing and coordinating the installation process. Cooperative Purchasing Programs ensure that organizations get the industry’s highest quality synthetic turf and playground safety surfacing products while saving time and money throughout the process.

A Variety of Cooperative Purchasing Contracts to Choose From

FieldTurf’s large selection of Cooperative Purchasing Programs makes selecting and contracting FieldTurf Commercial’s synthetic turf and playground surfacing products very simple and easy for public entities. A buyer can purchase the products and turn-key installation from FieldTurf Commercial by issuing a purchase order directly to FieldTurf USA, Inc.

For those not familiar with Coop Purchasing, here is a quick summary of the procedures and benefits:

  1. Cooperative Purchasing Agreements are legal contracts between the buying cooperative and the contractor, allowing a direct purchase to be made without the need for public bid once a cooperative has been approved by the public entity.
  2. FieldTurf Commercial and the customer agree on a set price and terms with an upper limit specified in the contract. FieldTurf Provides a quote to the customer for review and approval.
  3. The customer sends a P.O. to FieldTurf for the amount of the contract. The P.O. should contain the details of the project, start and completion dates, and scope of work.
  4. Once the P.O. is received, the project is officially executed. There is no contract required when using the Buy Board process, only the P.O. between FieldTurf and the school or municipality.

Cooperative Purchasing Contract Benefits:

  • Provides for a no-hassle purchase opportunity for public entities
  • Ability to take advantage of pre-negotiated pricing
  • Costly public bid process can usually be skipped by issuing contracts and P.O.’s directly to FieldTurf
  • No administrative or processing fees for the client. All fees are FieldTurf’s responsibility to pay and report

Why is Coop Purchasing Such a Great Tool?

  • Control: Get the FieldTurf synthetic turf and playground surfacing you want without leaving anything to chance.
  • Speed: No purchasing process is faster from proposal to contract. Period.
  • Simplicity: Single contract, sole-source responsibility, avoiding General Contracting mark-up. We work together as partners.
  • Value: Secure the product, team, schedule and terms of your choosing.
  • Savings: Time, energy and confusion of the bid process is greatly reduced.

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